Christian Vision Alliance Copy

Brand Promise:


  • We celebrate and sponsor those who to change the world through the image of Christ.


  • We put our trust in those who put their faith in Christ. Let us help you make a difference through sponsorship with the Christian Vision Alliance.



Brand Expectations:


  • The Christian Vision Alliance will support you through empowerment and sponsorship.
  • The CVA will help open a broad network of Christians that are spreading the Gospel of Christ, just like you.
  • The CVA will provide legal and operational sponsorship to support those who have the calling to conduct Christ-centered ministry.


The Brand Persona:


  • The Christian Vision Alliance will listen to you. We want to help you spread the Gospel of Christ. We are compassionate and want to see you succeed.


  • Your relationship with Christ means so much to us. Let us help you fulfill your calling of spreading the Gospel of Christ.


  • Our Goal is to demonstrate Integrity, Honesty, Truthfulness, Reliability, Competence and Excellence in everything CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE does.


Mission Statement:


  • To work with the Christian Community to help them fulfill their God given gifts.
  • The Christian Vision Alliance aims to expand the impact and the influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through sponsorship and empowerment.


Vision Statement:


  • To offer empowerment and sponsorship for Christ- centered ministry.
  • Our purpose is to provide legal and operational sponsorship for qualified individuals who wish to conduct Christ-centered ministry

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