I am Woman Hear Me Roar


With all the excitement and straight up turmoil going on the world, I’m taking the time to reflect on it. Over the weekend so many amazing rad women marched for reproductive health rights, to acknowledge climate change, to reject Trump and his board, and to stand in solidarity. I am all for it. However, looking through photos from Washington D.C. it seemed alarming to me the amount of white women were participating in this women’s march. This is not to discredit the women of color who participated. I, as a woman of color, can be hesitant about trusting white women in the feminist movement. I have seen examples of women fighting for feminism only when it is applicable to them.

The turn out for the marches this past weekend were amazing and inspiring, I am glad that my fellow sisters and I are not going out without a fight.

However where is the positive reinforcement for Black Lives Matter protests, where is the positive reinforcement?

I want to be clear that I do not want to condone the women’s march. I just want to showcase how important it is to show up and care for issues that do not always affect you personally. If your neighbors are not free, you are not free. I hope in 2017 despite the grave attempts to polarize others, that we band together more than ever and show support.


One thought on “I am Woman Hear Me Roar

  1. I agree that feminism must be intersectional–and I noticed as similar lack of diversity in the images flooding social media afterward…looking forward to hearing what happens with this post!


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