Rhetoric–words have meaning

Today a guy in my technical communication class said “Nazi shit is hilarious.” Then I called out the man, because what else do you do when someone tries to make Nazis or the Holocaust humorous? The man then told me that he was being sarcastic, and that he obviously . Which I still find to be distasteful. I am finding that in the current political climate in the United States, we must be more aware of our rhetoric, now more than ever. During a time when Muslim people are vulnerable because of bigoted ideals, it seems immature and irresponsible to make comments that are attacks, even facetious attacks, against groups of targeted people.

I believe that Americans, and people all over the world, at least the open minded humans, need to preach love. We must not fall into sarcastic comments tainted with hatred. We must be proactive about about sharing messages of equality and freedom to one another.


2 thoughts on “Rhetoric–words have meaning

  1. So many questions to follow up on this post! What did the teacher say in that situation? Did you find yourself “backed up” by anyone else in the class? Also, what sort of response did you get on this tumblr post? If none, why do you think that is?


    1. The teacher sadly said nothing and I was backed up by no one in the class. It was so disappointing. I received only one note on this post. I believe it is because no one likes to believe that people can still be careless with their words in such a way.


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