Bannon? Devos?

As a teacher in Hamtramck Public Schools in Hamtramck, MI I have felt an immense amount of heartbreak in the past couple weeks due to President Donald Trump.

Hamtramck, MI is a sanctuary city for many people throughout the world. However, Hamtramck has a large amount of  Muslim citizens, many of which are refugees or immigrants from Yemen and Bangladesh. This past week I had a talk to my students about diversity and inequality. I asked for volunteers to give me examples of inequality from the past or present day. One third grader raised her hand and said “My mom can’t visit her mom in Yemen because Donald Trump won’t allow it. That’s not fair.” I agreed with the girl, and I told her that that most definitely is not fair, and that America is amazing because of how diverse we are.

Then as of February 7,2017 Betsy Devos of Michigan has been confirmed as education secretary for the United States of America. It seems that further injustices are along the way.

I am trying to stress to my students how important they all are. I am trying to make sure that they know they are supported and loved by me no matter what. I am trying to contact my government officials to voice my opinions and hopefully be heard and taken into consideration. I hope you do the same.

Sadly we cannot change much about Betsy Devos now, but you can contact the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and give them your opinion on Steve Bannon. We can show up for unrepresented people and stress that bigotry does not have a place in our government in the United States.


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