Transgender Communities

During the first two months of 2017 there have been seven reported killings within the transgender community. Two of these deaths occurred within 48 hours of each other during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. One death is one death too many, and the oppression of the transgender community needs to be a spotlight in our current society. With Trump’s administration making significant steps backwards for the rights and human security of the trans community, I feel that it is crucial to stress the importance of empathy for all people, especially the trans community. Most of the deaths that have occurred have been transpeople of color. I have heard comments that express the trans community as being attention seekers. Here is a short video explaining the Hijra, an ancient type of trans/third gender culture in India. The Hijra takes it’s influences from the Hindu goddess Bachuchara Mata. A goddess that was honored and considered Hijra. When India was colonized, Hijra people became outcasts. I bring this up to remind us all of the profound depth that trans culture has, and hopefully to expand one’s open mindedness to trans culture.


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