HiLo Industrial


HiLo Industrial has been helping local businesses meet their machinery needs since 1946. With personalized care for each customer, HiLo Industrial supplies industrial machinery for local Michigan businesses and beyond.


HiLo carries a large variety of forklifts and aerial lifts. We carry Master Craft, World Lift, and Genie products. We have lease-to-buy options or lease-to-return options for our customers. Contact us today to find the best unit for you and your specific needs.


If you need a forklift or aerial lift rental for a day, week, month, or long-term, HiLo Industrial has a wide variety of machinery options for you to choose from. Master Craft, World Lift, and Genie. With same day delivery options, we can help you quickly accomplish your needs. Contact us for an estimate today!

Industrial Parts:

We carry Master Craft, World Lift, and Genie industrial parts for your repair needs.

HiLo is partnered with Total Source industrial parts.

We have five warehouses throughout the United States, and are able to get parts shipped to customers quickly and conveniently through standard freight delivery.  

Parts for All Makes and Models including:

Allis-Chalmers, American Lincoln, Baker/Linde, Caterpillar, Clark, Crown, Cushman, Daewoo/Doosan Daewoo, Datsun, Ez-Go, Genie, Hyster, Kalmar AC, Komatsu, Lull, Mastercraft, Mercury Pettibone, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Prime Mover, Sellick, Skytrack, Taylor, Taylor Dunn, TCM, Taillift, Toyota, Wiggins, Worldlift, and many more.

Periodic Maintenance Program

We supply periodic maintenance for our customers for their industrial units. We are able to give monthly or quarterly maintenance for our customers. We will tailor each maintenance program for your specific needs.


HiLo supplies services for forklifts, pallet jacks, loaders, backhoes, scrubbers, skid steers, aerial lifts, Boom Lifts, scissor lifts and sweepers.

Servicing a variety of units including: Allis-Chalmers, American Lincoln, Baker/Linde, Caterpillar, Clark, Crown, Cushman, Daewoo/Doosan Daewoo, Datsun, Ez-Go, Hyster, Kalmar AC, Komastu, Lull, Mastercraft, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pettibone, Prime Mover, RVI, Sellick, Skytrack, Taylor, Taylor Dunn, TCM, Tailift, Toyota, Wiggins, Worldlift, and much more.


Christian Vision Alliance Copy

Brand Promise:


  • We celebrate and sponsor those who to change the world through the image of Christ.


  • We put our trust in those who put their faith in Christ. Let us help you make a difference through sponsorship with the Christian Vision Alliance.



Brand Expectations:


  • The Christian Vision Alliance will support you through empowerment and sponsorship.
  • The CVA will help open a broad network of Christians that are spreading the Gospel of Christ, just like you.
  • The CVA will provide legal and operational sponsorship to support those who have the calling to conduct Christ-centered ministry.


The Brand Persona:


  • The Christian Vision Alliance will listen to you. We want to help you spread the Gospel of Christ. We are compassionate and want to see you succeed.


  • Your relationship with Christ means so much to us. Let us help you fulfill your calling of spreading the Gospel of Christ.


  • Our Goal is to demonstrate Integrity, Honesty, Truthfulness, Reliability, Competence and Excellence in everything CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE does.


Mission Statement:


  • To work with the Christian Community to help them fulfill their God given gifts.
  • The Christian Vision Alliance aims to expand the impact and the influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through sponsorship and empowerment.


Vision Statement:


  • To offer empowerment and sponsorship for Christ- centered ministry.
  • Our purpose is to provide legal and operational sponsorship for qualified individuals who wish to conduct Christ-centered ministry

Canvas Legal Copy

Dear Client,

Thank you for choosing to use our subscription services. We are sending you this letter to let you know about all the things happening with Sadek Bonahoom. One, that we will be changing our name to Canvas Legal. We are making this change because Tifani Sadek has been offered an amazing opportunity with the Public Lighting Authority. While it’s difficult to leave the firm and the many small businesses and entrepreneurs she has worked with, Tifani is looking forward to bringing that same energy to the PLA. It has been great working together over this past year and we are excited to see what this new career has in store for her!

Tifani will be transitioning from her role with Sadek Bonahoom over the next week. She will no longer be available to assist Sadek Bonahoom clients as of November 6, 2015, as she will be working with the Public Lighting Authority full-time.   Co-founder, Erin Bonahoom, will continue to serve the small business and nonprofit community that the firm has been dedicated to over the past year. The quality of services will not change, nor will the commitment to the entrepreneur community. At this time you have used (number) hours out of the (number) of hours you have signed up for. Erin Bonahoom is prepared to take on Tiffani’s clients. If you would no longer like to use our subscription services please let us know by (insert date).

If you have any questions regarding the changes happening with Sadek Bonahoom, you are more than welcome to e-mail us at: info@sabolegal.com. Erin Bonahoom will be more than happy to speak with you about the matter.




(Name) NOTICE: All communications, written or verbal, concerning availability of lawyer’s services are truthful, that is not false, fraudulent, misleading or deceptive and otherwise comply with MRPC 7.1